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Amyloidosis of cialis pill is a complex and dangerous pathology in which protein-carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed in the tissues of the kidneys. As a result, there is a synthesis and accumulation of a specific substance - amyloid. It is a protein-polysaccharide compound, which in its basic properties is similar to starch. Normally, this protein is not produced in the body, so its formation is abnormal for a person and entails a violation of kidney function.

At the same time, medieval medicine was not hopeless. Some doctors of that time advised patients to eat well and wait until the body copes with the plague on its own.

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Only mediocre doctors or young people who wanted to gain fame in an extremely risky way were taken for the treatment of the disease. They wore a mask that looked like a bird's head with a pronounced beak. However, such protection did not save everyone, so many doctors died after their patients.

This is the most adequate theory of treatment. Of course, in the conditions of that time, cases of recovery were isolated, but still they took place.

The authorities of the powers advised people to adhere to the following methods of dealing with the epidemic: Escape for a long distance. At the same time, it was necessary to overcome as many kilometers as possible very quickly. It was necessary to stay at a safe distance from the disease as long as possible.

Through the infected places to drive herds of horses. It was believed that the breath of these animals purifies the air. For the same purpose, it was advised to let various insects into the houses. In a room where a person recently died of the plague, a saucer of milk was placed, because it was believed that it absorbs the disease.

Information has reached the present day that in ancient times the disease claimed the lives of cialis number of people. Epidemics usually started after direct contact with infected animals. Often the spread of the disease turned into a pandemic. History knows three such cases.

In the photo, assistance to a plague patient is provided by doctors dressed in anti-plague suits. In the entire history of modern mankind, there has never been such a ruthless disease as the plague.

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The disease manifests itself after the penetration of the pathogen into the body for 3-6 days (rarely, but there have been cases of manifestation of the disease on the 9th day). When an infection enters the bloodstream, the incubation period is several hours. Clinical picture of the initial period.

Doctors also advised not to sleep after dawn, not to have an intimate relationship and not to think about the epidemic and death. Today, this approach seems crazy, but in the Middle Ages, people found solace in it.

Do whatever is necessary to kill the smell of the plague. It was believed that if a person does not feel the stench coming from infected people, he is sufficiently protected. That is why many carried bouquets of flowers with them.

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